Why Mission Advanced Pain Management & Spine Center

At Mission Advanced Pain Management & Spine Center, our mission is simply to bring you back to life as soon as possible. Patients come first to MAPMC. Here are few reasons why you should choose us:

Urgent care model: We realize that no one wants to go through a day with pain nonetheless their entire life. We also realize how important is to treat acute pain quickly and aggressively with the most comprehensive treatment. Besides the fact that treating this pain early enough could make you pain free almost immediately, more importantly, if acute pain is not treated appropriately early on, the likelihood that your pain could be a lifelong problem increases dramatically. The most common cause of chronic pain is poorly controlled acute pain.  

Early easy access to world class quality care: Because we know how important your time is, we do our very best to make sure you don’t wait. That starts from making the initial appointment to the time you come in for your first evaluation and/or procedure. After you have established your care here at MAPMC, on average, you will not be here longer than 1 hour from the time you check in as long as you check in prior to your appointment time. If you are having a procedure, typically, you will not be here longer than 30 minutes.

Alternative options. We realize that no one wants to take medications, especially opioids, for the rest of their life to control their pain. We also understand that the majority of people want to avoid surgery at all cost or consider it as a last resort when all other treatment options fail. At MAPM, we can provide other alternatives to manage your pain that will be specifically tailored for you and the disease that is causing your pain.

Focus on diagnosing your pain. What good is a treatment if there is no specific diagnosis for your pain? For example, essentially everybody after the age of 16 start developing some degrees of lumbar degenerative disc disease. In addition, arthritis of the spine also begins at a relatively early age. However, most people do NOT have pain at this age. So how do we know if these “normal” changes are the cause of your pain? At MAPMC, we listen to you and how your pain affects your normal activities of daily living. Based upon this and determining the appropriate study/procedure to help us diagnose your pain, we work hard to determine where your pain is coming from and in doing so; develop a treatment plan specific for you and the cause of your pain.

No referral needed. Barring any insurance issues, if you need to be seen, we will see you. There is no need to wait or to have a referral from another provider. Though we do typically ask for your previous records so that we can better understand your pain, having a referral to see us is not necessary from our standpoint as all this does is delay your treatment.

Board Certified Pain Management Professionals. Dr Beshai is certified through the American Board of Anesthesiology, the ONLY professionally accredited organization recognized in the field of pain management to give the distinction of being truly board certified. This accomplishment is only given to pain management physicians who have completed the highest distinctions in their field. Adding to that more than 10 years of experience in the field in all aspects of pain management.

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