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Your Urgent Care to Pain Management in Orange County & Los Angeles County Areas

Mission Advanced Pain Management & Spine Center
offers a variety of the most Advanced, evidence-based treatment modalities that are customized to treat your specific condition.
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Dr. Beshai
Dr. Beshai is Double Board Certified by the American Board of Medical Specialty

Your Pain Can Not Wait ?

At MAPMSC we run the practice as an Urgent Care Center model, dedicated to managing Pain Conditions, making sure to address your complaint on time without any delay. We know more when it comes to Pain, when it is Urgent, it is Urgent…!!!

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Is Pain Holding You Back?

At MAPMSC we are on a Mission to improve your overall functional status, and the Quality of life for those who are suffering from the disease of Pain.

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Confused about Pain Management Specialty…!!!

You are not the only one…!!! With the many practices that claim to be “Pain Management Clinics” you don’t know which provider to go to, and when to seek help, what do they do, what to expect,…… Read more about what you should look for in choosing your Pain Management provider…..

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Myths and Facts About Pain Management Specialty

“Pain management is meant only as a last resort for treating chronic problems when everything else fails.” This is the number one myth of pain management. As with all medicine, prevention is the key. However, when pain does occur, the best chance of alleviating pain permanently is to address it early on and aggressively.

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Your Parents or your Loved ones are suffering from Pain and not sure where to start?

Seniors and Cancer patients are our VIP patients, and the care that they will be getting at MAPMSC will sure get them on the right track to live Quality life. Give us a call today to get to know more details about our services and we will do our best in guiding you from where you should start.

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What sets us apart at Mission Advanced Pain Management

That we know each Person is Different and there are lots of factors that can affect your Pain and your life that requires more than just medications or procedures. Our ABMS Board Certified providers listen and get to know more details about you and your condition. Then a treatment plan is customized accordingly, with specific Goals and Targets to achieve the desired outcome. Backed up by strong Academic and Clinical experience we can offer variety of Non-Surgical treatment options to any kind of pain in any area in your body.

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Depressed While On Opioids??!!
Depressed While On Opioids??!!

No Surprise here, the risk of development of depression increases as the duration of Opioid analgesic…

Mystery of Knee Pain
Mystery of Knee Pain

To get the relief from your knee pain, your doctor have to identify the right cause. Here are the few…

Smoking to Cope with Pain?
Smoking to Cope with Pain?

Smoking cessation has a causal relationship with improvements in pain in patients with Spinal Disorders…

Pain is Not a Normal Process of Aging
Pain is Not a Normal Process of Aging

There are many confusing and contradicting information delivered by different providers, the media, communities…


Bringing the most Advanced and Up To Date in Pain Management to our patients in the Orange County and the Los Angeles County areas and vicinity.

We Believe Every person deserves the best health care, regardless of his or her social or economic circumstances. It is this mission that drives Mission Advanced Pain Management & Spine Center - Exceptional Care, with No Exception.

We provide the highest-quality care combined with an ongoing passion to treat each and every patient and family member with respect, warmth and compassion.

We are determined to set different standards in Patients’ Care, based on Education, and Outcome oriented clinical and basic research in Pain Medicine.